Game Design Portfolio

I’m Myles and I’m a board game designer and developer. I am devoted to creating fun, accessible games that bring people together.

Below is a portfolio of my games. I am also available for hire as a freelance game developer and rulebook editor. You can email me to learn more.

Weight/Audience: Casual, families

Mechanics: Pattern building / press-your-luck

Status: Available to publishers

Aquarium: Catch and Release Card Game

You are in a fishy business! You only have a few hours and a couple casts of your net in order to catch the best sea creatures for your Aquarium. On your turn, draw and discard up to 3 times until you find a card you want; then add the card to your aquarium to score points. But beware—you may get a shark!

Weight/Audience: Casual, families

Mechanics: Cooperative, hand management

Status: Available to Publishers

Beach Vacay

It’s time for some fun in the sun! In this lightweight, relaxing game, you are all trying to have the most groovy beach vacation. Play cooperatively to build sand castles or read or take walks in the sand, but you also balance these activities with keeping the vacation “vibe” going. Welcome to your Beach Vacay.

Weight/Audience: Core, expert

Mechanics: Action programming, tech upgrades, contract fulfillment

Status: Available to publishers


It’s your first day on the job in Belt-R-Bust Inc., the 22nd largest asteroid mining company in the galaxy. Here, the boss believes in trial by fire. The first player to blast asteroids, grab ore, and complete 26 credits worth of contracts will be allowed to keep their new job! Everyone else is sent packing…possibly through an air lock.

Weight/Audience: Casual, family, party

Mechanics: Speed, word building, bluffing

Status: Available to publishers

Bluff Words

Bluff Words! combines word building, bidding, and bluffing. In this high stakes party game, utilize your skills in spelling, bluffing, and reading your opponents in order to capture the most cards!

Weight/Audience: Casual, core

Mechanics: Deck exploration, leveling up, dice combat

Status: Available to publishers

Creepy Crawl

Creepy Crawl is a 15-30 minute dungeon crawl solo game. Play as one of five unique heroes: Darian, Shay-largh, Ash, Flynn, or Wavecrest in your quest to survive a creepy dungeon. Level up your character, grab special items, and kick down doors! But you can’t leave before facing one of five terrifying bosses!

Weight/Audience: Casual, families, core

Mechanics: Draw-and-race

Status: Available to publishers


It’s time to hit the slopes in this draw-and-race game downhill skiing game! In Downhill, you will be simultaneously plotting your course down a mountain slope dodging obstacles, maneuvering through flags, and trying to win the race.

Weight/Audience: Casual, families

Mechanics: Roll-and-write, bingo, market timing

Status: Available to publishers

Farm Rollers

You have finally realized your dream of owning a small family farm, but this is a hard business and will need financial backing from the local bank. In this roll and write, market timing game, compete with other players over 12 months to rapidly update your farm, feed your livestock, and sell produce for a profit. Only the most profitable farm will get financial backing needed to survive in Farm Rollers.

Weight/Audience: Casual, families

Mechanics: Flicking, engine building

Status: Available to publishers

Flick King

Co-designed with Leo Taylor

In Flick King, flick your disks to gather resources, knock other players, and take control of the crown! Use your resources to unlock more disks to flick for next round, or build houses on the board to create your economic engine. This is a 50% skill and 50% strategy flicking game! 

Weight/Audience: Core, expert

Mechanics: Roll and write, 4X

Status: Available to publishers

Galactic Rollers

The Admiral is very busy: she’s been tasked with taking over yet another galaxy for the empire. That’s why she’s turned to you, her Strategy Clerks, to simultaneously plot out the fastest way to gain control the galaxy by taking over all 10 planets through settling, conquering, and trading. Whoever plans the most efficiently in this roll and write game will be promoted to Junior Admiral! Galactic Rollers distills the experience of a 4X space game into a crunchy 45 minute roll and write. 

Weight/Audience: Casual, families, kids

Mechanics: One vs many, hidden movement

Status: Available to Publishers

Awards: Finalist in Hippodice Competition 2022

Hide and Squeak

Co-designed with Leo Taylor

There’s lots of cheese to be had but mice must risk their whiskers to get it! Hide and Squeak is a one vs many hidden movement game where one player assumes the role of the cat trying to guard the house and catch the mice. The other players are mice trying to scurry around and grab cheese.

Weight/Audience: Casual, core, families

Mechanics: Dice manipulation, engine building, push-your-luck

Status: Publisher Pending

Impossible Odds

In Impossible Odds: Snowboarding Challenge you are a newbie snowboarder attempting to pull off tricks and impress your friends. With each trick you attempt—even the ones you fail—you gain skills which will allow you to manipulate the dice be more likely to pull off seemingly impossible tricks later in the game.

Weight/Audience: Core, families

Mechanics: Dexterity, action sequencing, area control

Status: Available to Publishers

Lunar Land Rush

In Lunar Land Rush, players each play as corporations racing to land on the moon, extract its resources, and establish permanent colonies. In the game, players will be dropping space shuttles onto the board and carefully sequencing cards to take actions.

Weight/Audience: Core, expert

Mechanics: Worker placement, engine building, leapfrog movement

Status: Available to Publishers

Paper Skylines

You are each mayors racing to build a thriving, unique city. Build noteworthy landmarks, claim achievements, and race to gain population, profit, and prestige! Paper Skylines is a heavy engine building, worker placement card game game full of unlimited possibilities.

Weight/Audience: Casual, families

Mechanics: Dice manipulation, press-your-luck

Status: Available to Publishers

Pay Line

You have hit the slots in Vegas only to come across something very interesting: the machines are broken and you can re-spin the individual reels! Now, with enough coins, you can now beat the game for frequent, lucrative jackpots. The only problem: the other players have found this out too and you’re racing to collect the most cash before the bank runs empty. Pay Line is a simple dice manipulation and press-your-luck game where you can beat the house and walk away a winner. 

Weight/Audience: Casual, families

Mechanics: Dice manipulation, knockout, worker placement

Status: Available to Publishers

Pistols and Poltergeists

Someone has been cheating at cards and the pistols have come out. In Pistols and Poltergeists, it’s time for a high noon duel where the last cowboy standing wins. However, in this knockout dice game, the town is haunted and you just might get your revenge and win the game from beyond the grave.

Weight/Audience: Core, expert

Mechanics: Bingo, area control, force commitment

Status: Under Contract – estimated Kickstarter 2024-2025

Awards: 1st Runner Up Cardboard Edison 2023

Swords Over Scotland

The British leaving was just the beginning. The year is 1314 and now turmoil has descended upon Scotland and each of you are aspiring leaders seeking to unite the clans and gain dominance over Scotland. Swords Over Scotland combines bingo with area control in a unique, zero-luck battle game.

Audience: Casual, families, kids

Mechanics: Drafting

Status: Under Contract – estimated Kickstarter 2024

Zoo Builder

Let’s build a zoo! In Zoo Builders players will draft animals, visitors, and exhibits in order to build the best zoo and score the most points. A great entry-level drafting game, adults can have fun playing with their children and both will learn about animals from around the world! Recommended ages 6+, 2-4 players, and plays in about 20 minutes.