Pounding down energy drinks, booting up my PC;

got my


back-lit keyboard

4k monitor

high speed bandwidth

razer gaming mouse.


***You ready, son?  Let’s go.***


Civ 4, DOTA

Total War, X Com.

Counterstrike, Starcraft,

League of legends.


Minecraft, Skyrim,

Portal, Assassins creed.

Hearthstone, Guild Wars

Metal Gear, and WOW.


Ima be a general

Ima be a knight

Ima do a zergling rush

Ima gonna fight.


Head shot, kill streak,

match five, free coins.

Easter eggs, secret level,

point-and-click, rampage!


Melee, hand-to-hand,

tech tree, new quest.

Birds eye, god mode

mad skillz, high score.


Good luck, have fun…

nice try n000000b.

Level up, new skins,

map cleared, for the win!



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