ghost in the machine

rainbow wheel

i hurt computers…deliberately…

i like to open up all the applications at once

and watch the rainbow wheels spin

i like take apart old ones and marvel at the


and old gadgets sit in my dark, moldy garage

never to be touched again


my computer plots revenge

i’m not crazy…i can see the omens:


some songs on my playlist always come up on


certain files always seem to have a


particular websites like to



pictures of

people i’ve forgotten, people I’m trying to forget—

they keep popping up in my albums,



occasionally, i hear it reboot at night

when the house is still and i’m in bed;

i rush into the study covered in sweat

veins churning with adrenaline

only to find my computer…


its display black and hard drive



it’s probably in cahoots with my appliances

its got the brains, they’ve got coils, heat, and

cheaply soldered parts;  i imagine them

dragging me from my bed one night, wrapping their

cables around me, standing around over me with

lit screens


“let’s see what happens when we plug him in.”



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