In the realm I’m known as

“Theal’crast Wickendel”

(but you can call me “Wick”)

you’ll recognize me if you see me:

there’s not too many other seven foot tall,

blue skinned guys with large hooked teeth.


I used to be a level one Paladin;

I used to grind away experience points

fighting wild boars in the woods.

I graduated to a raiding party—

we’d crawl thru dungeons, kill demons,

hoard jewels, divvy up rare items.

Then I started going solo

and that’s when things got went south.


Swinging a borad sword is super tiring,

especially when you’re fighting off a

half dozen flying lizard men.  So…

I bought a magic potion from a gypsie,

went on to pwn like I never have before,

got a little more, overdosed, and transformed

into one of the very monsters I had often fought.


Turns out in the world of MMOGs

they have a zero gypsie-juice policy.

I got booted offline and now live in a

one bedroom by the freeway—which is ok I guess.

My attorney, who is also a level 30 mage,

is fighting the ruling, and says I have a

good chance.  But in the meantime…


I would like to work customer service.

I’m good with people, good with technology,

am a team player (most of the time),

and excel in challenging situations.



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