Optical Network

I see a future of a brain wired to the Internet

I imagine closing my eyes at night and shuffling thru

my memories and memories of a million other people

riding the ups and downs of humanity

all from the comfort of my head


Information will be instantaneous and when you walk

into schools of the future, it will appear the children are

all napping. When traveling, you’ll get into your self-driving car

close your eyes, check your email, and then you’ll have arrived.


Instead of people playing on their phones in restaurants

they’ll be sitting with closed eyes, slumped over their

hot, steaming food.  Soldiers will guide robots

on the battlefield, and the real fight will be

delivering high-speed bandwidth to Afghanistan.


The elderly, we’ll hook them up to live

vicariously thru children and grandchildren,

seeing the world thru their eyes experiencing

a first kiss

an angry boss

the birth of a child

…as though for the first time.


We’ll live on and on thru the eyes of others until one day

without our realizing

our pulse stops and our eyes stay closed.


It’s easy to make this sound like dystopia (maybe it is?)

But part of me feels like this future is nearer than we realize

part of me feels like it isn’t bad to feel so connected

we’ll be alone, but at least

we’ll be in good company.



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